Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Scoring Chances for Game Number 20280 : Wild @ Hurricanes

Scoring Chances for NHL Game Number 20280

MIN113:21 589152032613162649775v5
CAR111:15 3620243251714172549595v5
MIN111:08 36202432511417254149595v5
MIN16:39 591520323678152536495v5
MIN14:50 359152032618294977 5v4
CAR12:11 36112032 1315163349774v5
CAR10:38Goal36212532 1315163349774v5
CAR219:15 3693251 1315163349774v5
CAR215:01Goal3692132 1315163349774v5
MIN212:55 5892032 68131517494v5
CAR212:17 14223234515567182629495v5
CAR212:00 14223234515567182629495v5
MIN211:37 58915203268153649775v5
MIN211:29 58915203268153649775v5
CAR210:12 212232343855614174959775v5
CAR210:02 212232343855614174959775v5
CAR29:52Goal5891132 1315163349774v5
CAR28:37 36213251 1315163349774v5
CAR27:30 814253234 1433364959774v5
CAR27:25 3620243251717294149595v5
MIN24:58 369153238613162649775v5
MIN24:46 369153238613162649775v5
MIN24:45 369153238613162649775v5
MIN23:37 11212232345578141541495v5
CAR318:38 14212232345578153649775v5
MIN315:45 68914203268153649775v5
CAR314:09 2232343651551316264149775v5
MIN312:48 359152032618294977 5v4
CAR36:37 5811222532713162641495v5
CAR42:46 511203255 1415414977 4v4
CAR41:53 68112032 613163349 4v4
MIN40:21 35202132 614154977 4v4

3M. ZIDLICKY16:35522:52204:0405
5K. JOHNSSON21:06932:12202:4011
6G. ZANON18:45530:56004:0405
8B. BURNS19:57823:28001:5012
9M. KOIVU16:581102:43202:2413
11O. NOLAN14:55242:41002:1602
14M. HAVLAT16:55132:27000:2401
15A. BRUNETTE15:231002:29200:0000
20A. MIETTINEN16:49842:43201:0411
21K. BRODZIAK13:11330:20002:4003
22C. CLUTTERBUCK16:01170:30001:4300
24D. BOOGAARD5:41130:00000:0000
25E. BELANGER12:20012:37001:3902
32N. BACKSTROM52:1215125:40207:0817
34S. HNIDY11:08160:00000:2401
36J. SCOTT3:31210:00000:0000
38R. EARL10:08520:20000:0000
51J. SHEPPARD11:20160:10002:0602
55N. SCHULTZ14:57181:52001:1400

PeriodTotalsEVPP5v3 PPSH5v3 SH


Corey Pronman said...

Hey J,

I need to ask you something, can you please e-mail me, its located on my blog.



Corey Pronman said...

My bad, by it I mean my e-mail.

JLikens said...

The email has been sent.

Vic Ferrari said...

What is going on with Havlat? The last time I saw him play was the playoffs last year, and he was is old self (very, very good).

Now he's brutal by the scoring chances.

Scott Reynolds said...

Indeed Vic. I thought he was just playing poorly at the start of the year coming off his injury but he hasn't really improved much through these last few games. Haven't actually watched the Wild enough to pick anything out, but his numbers are poor.

JLikens, I was wondering if you're going to be posting data for the games against Washington, Tampa Bay, Dallas and Vancouver. I'm putting together a quarter pole post but I'll hold off if you're going to be putting up the rest of the games. Also, thanks very much for tracking scoring chances this year!

JLikens said...


Yeah, he's been nothing but terrible thus far.

I have no idea what the issue is, although I suspect that it might be injury related.


I haven't yet scored any of those games, although I have all four games saved on my PVR and was planning on posting the results eventually.

I apologize for the lateness, although I'll make an effort to have them up ASAP.

Scott Reynolds said...

No need to apologize. I was just wondering if you had the data. If you do, I'll hold off. The information is for looking back on later as much as anything else. Mucho thanks to you for doing this crazy project at all.

JLikens said...

Same to you, Scott.

I've finished scoring the VAN and PHX games at this point. I plan to do DAL tonight, and will hopefully have T.B, WSH, and NYI completed by the end of the week.

Slava said...

I've posted total scoring chances data for Leafs players from games 6-25 at my blog, check it out if you're interested:

Special Teams data shall be posted tomorrow.

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