Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Scoring Chances for Game Number 20242 : Wild @ Maple Leafs

Scoring Chances for NHL Game Number 20242

TOR117:54 512142532344791250515v5
MIN116:37 31221325567214225055815v5
MIN115:01 351114253248185051 5v4
MIN115:00 351114253248185051 5v4
MIN114:48 351114253248185051 5v4
MIN113:40 89152032344893950 5v4
TOR112:36 3612212232715234150845v5
TOR111:03 511142532344791250515v5
MIN17:01 8111425325529122250515v5
MIN14:23 81114213255422395055815v5
MIN12:19Goal111425323455212182250 5v4
TOR10:37 8113251556729121550515v5
MIN218:40 5811142532722234150845v5
MIN214:29 3891520322182250 5v3
MIN214:16 3891520322182250 5v3
TOR210:54 52432345167722235081845v5
TOR210:53 52432345167722235081845v5
TOR29:01 89123255 722234150844v5
TOR27:15 361114325147143981845v5
TOR26:43 521223255 1214153950814v5
TOR26:36 521223255 1214153950814v5
TOR25:35 59203255 1222234150844v5
MIN22:50 581221223224234150845v5
TOR315:45 81114253255414151828505v5
TOR313:26 59152032551522395055815v5
TOR312:32 8122122323479122250515v5
MIN311:41 51114213255422395055815v5
TOR310:59 36122122321522395055815v5
TOR39:00 3624325167415184150515v5
MIN38:22 81114253255222234150845v5
TOR34:42 3611122532222505581845v5
TOR30:51 682532 1214153981843v5
TOR30:47 682532 1214153981843v5
TOR30:31 562132 1214153981843v5
TOR30:21 561132 1214153981843v5
TOR30:20 561132 1214153981843v5

3M. ZIDLICKY17:36263:17300:5700
5K. JOHNSSON13:27452:38302:4503
6G. ZANON20:35170:16000:1200
8B. BURNS17:38532:20101:1501
9M. KOIVU12:26212:54101:3502
11O. NOLAN14:27553:12400:1600
12C. KOBASEW13:55270:40000:4301
14M. HAVLAT11:04542:03400:0000
15A. BRUNETTE10:46222:22100:0000
20A. MIETTINEN11:09213:38101:5301
21K. BRODZIAK13:17440:23001:4902
22C. CLUTTERBUCK15:02140:33000:5702
24D. BOOGAARD8:48030:00000:0000
25E. BELANGER11:00352:57401:1100
32N. BACKSTROM48:039156:14504:1204
34S. HNIDY10:41052:00200:0000
51J. SHEPPARD11:49050:00000:0000
55N. SCHULTZ16:32641:57103:1504
67B. POULIOT10:03140:00000:0000

PeriodTotalsEVPP5v3 PPSH5v3 SH


Slava said...

Hi JLikens. I've been reading your blog, as well as the Gospel of Hockey blog, since the start of the season and been following your posts on scoring chances. I appreciate you guys (along with Olivier, Kent, and Dennis) taking the time to record scoring chances for your teams, and I give my thanks/gratitude to Vic Ferrari for creating the app to record with. Keep up the good work!

I've been tracking chances for the Leafs since their 7th game of the season (though I did miss the Calgary game, but Kent covered that), and have found it to be more challenging at times than I expected due to subjectivity. After recording each chance, I also assign it a letter of "A" (highest quality), "B", or "C". I suspect that I'm a bit inconsistent with the softer chances.

Anyway, I have scoring chances for this game at 16-15 in favour of Toronto, and at ES it was 14-8 for the Leafs (one less chance than you recorded for each team). There were 15 chances scored separately, 3 by me and 12 by you. It seems I was more stingy with awarding chances for the Leafs; only three of the chances we didn't agree on were by the Wild. I also had the Leafs with 0 chances at 5v4 PP (that may've been too tough on them), and scored an extra chance for the Wild on their PP, but we did agree on each of the four 5v3 chances in this game.

JLikens said...

Hi Slava.

Nice to hear that you've been scoring the Leaf games. I'd be interested in seeing the results, whenever you choose to publish them.

It would be interesting to go back and review the specific chances that we disagreed on. I did after a Minnesota-Colorado game earlier this year for the chances that Scott Reynolds -- the fellow who has been scoring Colorado games -- and I disagreed on. I found the exercise to be rather enlightening.

Unfortunately, I've deleted the recording from my hard drive, so that won't be possible.

In hindsight, I may have been somewhat overgenerous in electing to score the majority of borderline instances as scoring chances.