Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Scoring Chances for Game Number 20280 : Wild @ Hurricanes

Scoring Chances for NHL Game Number 20280

MIN113:21 589152032613162649775v5
CAR111:15 3620243251714172549595v5
MIN111:08 36202432511417254149595v5
MIN16:39 591520323678152536495v5
MIN14:50 359152032618294977 5v4
CAR12:11 36112032 1315163349774v5
CAR10:38Goal36212532 1315163349774v5
CAR219:15 3693251 1315163349774v5
CAR215:01Goal3692132 1315163349774v5
MIN212:55 5892032 68131517494v5
CAR212:17 14223234515567182629495v5
CAR212:00 14223234515567182629495v5
MIN211:37 58915203268153649775v5
MIN211:29 58915203268153649775v5
CAR210:12 212232343855614174959775v5
CAR210:02 212232343855614174959775v5
CAR29:52Goal5891132 1315163349774v5
CAR28:37 36213251 1315163349774v5
CAR27:30 814253234 1433364959774v5
CAR27:25 3620243251717294149595v5
MIN24:58 369153238613162649775v5
MIN24:46 369153238613162649775v5
MIN24:45 369153238613162649775v5
MIN23:37 11212232345578141541495v5
CAR318:38 14212232345578153649775v5
MIN315:45 68914203268153649775v5
CAR314:09 2232343651551316264149775v5
MIN312:48 359152032618294977 5v4
CAR36:37 5811222532713162641495v5
CAR42:46 511203255 1415414977 4v4
CAR41:53 68112032 613163349 4v4
MIN40:21 35202132 614154977 4v4

3M. ZIDLICKY16:35522:52204:0405
5K. JOHNSSON21:06932:12202:4011
6G. ZANON18:45530:56004:0405
8B. BURNS19:57823:28001:5012
9M. KOIVU16:581102:43202:2413
11O. NOLAN14:55242:41002:1602
14M. HAVLAT16:55132:27000:2401
15A. BRUNETTE15:231002:29200:0000
20A. MIETTINEN16:49842:43201:0411
21K. BRODZIAK13:11330:20002:4003
22C. CLUTTERBUCK16:01170:30001:4300
24D. BOOGAARD5:41130:00000:0000
25E. BELANGER12:20012:37001:3902
32N. BACKSTROM52:1215125:40207:0817
34S. HNIDY11:08160:00000:2401
36J. SCOTT3:31210:00000:0000
38R. EARL10:08520:20000:0000
51J. SHEPPARD11:20160:10002:0602
55N. SCHULTZ14:57181:52001:1400

PeriodTotalsEVPP5v3 PPSH5v3 SH

Scoring Chances for Game Number 20242 : Wild @ Maple Leafs

Scoring Chances for NHL Game Number 20242

TOR117:54 512142532344791250515v5
MIN116:37 31221325567214225055815v5
MIN115:01 351114253248185051 5v4
MIN115:00 351114253248185051 5v4
MIN114:48 351114253248185051 5v4
MIN113:40 89152032344893950 5v4
TOR112:36 3612212232715234150845v5
TOR111:03 511142532344791250515v5
MIN17:01 8111425325529122250515v5
MIN14:23 81114213255422395055815v5
MIN12:19Goal111425323455212182250 5v4
TOR10:37 8113251556729121550515v5
MIN218:40 5811142532722234150845v5
MIN214:29 3891520322182250 5v3
MIN214:16 3891520322182250 5v3
TOR210:54 52432345167722235081845v5
TOR210:53 52432345167722235081845v5
TOR29:01 89123255 722234150844v5
TOR27:15 361114325147143981845v5
TOR26:43 521223255 1214153950814v5
TOR26:36 521223255 1214153950814v5
TOR25:35 59203255 1222234150844v5
MIN22:50 581221223224234150845v5
TOR315:45 81114253255414151828505v5
TOR313:26 59152032551522395055815v5
TOR312:32 8122122323479122250515v5
MIN311:41 51114213255422395055815v5
TOR310:59 36122122321522395055815v5
TOR39:00 3624325167415184150515v5
MIN38:22 81114253255222234150845v5
TOR34:42 3611122532222505581845v5
TOR30:51 682532 1214153981843v5
TOR30:47 682532 1214153981843v5
TOR30:31 562132 1214153981843v5
TOR30:21 561132 1214153981843v5
TOR30:20 561132 1214153981843v5

3M. ZIDLICKY17:36263:17300:5700
5K. JOHNSSON13:27452:38302:4503
6G. ZANON20:35170:16000:1200
8B. BURNS17:38532:20101:1501
9M. KOIVU12:26212:54101:3502
11O. NOLAN14:27553:12400:1600
12C. KOBASEW13:55270:40000:4301
14M. HAVLAT11:04542:03400:0000
15A. BRUNETTE10:46222:22100:0000
20A. MIETTINEN11:09213:38101:5301
21K. BRODZIAK13:17440:23001:4902
22C. CLUTTERBUCK15:02140:33000:5702
24D. BOOGAARD8:48030:00000:0000
25E. BELANGER11:00352:57401:1100
32N. BACKSTROM48:039156:14504:1204
34S. HNIDY10:41052:00200:0000
51J. SHEPPARD11:49050:00000:0000
55N. SCHULTZ16:32641:57103:1504
67B. POULIOT10:03140:00000:0000

PeriodTotalsEVPP5v3 PPSH5v3 SH

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Even Strength Data for Games 1-250

For those that have been following the scoring chance postings, I realize that I've fallen behind a tad and that the last five games have yet to be posted. I apologize for that. I'm going to make an effort to catch up this week.

In the meantime, I figured that I'd post some data showing how each team has performed at even strength thus far. I've also included information concerning each team's performance at EV when the score is tied. The teams are ranked according to their EV Corsi ratio with the score tied.

I should note that the data is based only on the first 250 games played in 09-10, and is therefore not entirely up to date. If anyone is experiencing any difficulty in viewing the document, please let me know so that I can make the necessary adjustments.

Some points of note:
  • At this point in time, the Blackhawks are far and away the best team in the league in terms of outshooting the opposition at EV with the score tied
  • To the surprise of many, the Coyotes are the second best team in this regard
  • The Penguins are surprisingly mediocre according to this metric; I'm not sure how much of this can be attributed to their recent injury woes
  • It's unlikely that the Avalanche are as bad of an EV team as their Corsi ratio with the score tied would suggest; their EV scoring chance ratio, while still below average, isn't nearly as bad
  • The data suggest that the Leafs are better than their record would indicate; likewise for Carolina
  • As lucky as the Bruins were last season, the reverse has been true so far in 09-10; I suspect that they'll turn it around sooner or later

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Scoring Chances for Game Number 20186 : Wild @ Penguins

Scoring Chances for NHL Game Number 20186

MIN116:25 369152032313142974875v5
MIN115:53 814172532361112262944585v5
PIT113:31 8915203255317232958875v5
PIT110:09 812203255 1112242629584v5
PIT19:19 36915203279172729445v5
PIT18:40 112432343651723282944875v5
MIN17:50 81221223255311122629745v5
PIT12:37 112432343651323282974875v5
MIN10:06 36111425321314294458875v5
PIT217:16 3611122132313142974875v5
PIT217:08 3611122132313142974875v5
PIT214:03 681124325139122729745v5
PIT212:54 36122122321314294458875v5
PIT212:34 3611122132313142974875v5
MIN212:10 89152032551124262944585v5
PIT210:26 3614172532713142941875v5
PIT29:09 122122323436312172329745v5
PIT29:08 122021323436312172329745v5
PIT24:20 3912223234311272941875v5
PIT319:25 689153255311131429585v5
PIT312:51 3614172532917232944745v5
MIN312:15 36915203239232958875v5
PIT39:33 825325155 314294487 4v4
PIT39:24 61417253255314294458875v5
PIT37:37 3692032 326295887 4v4
PIT31:50 36141525321724272941445v5
PIT31:44 36141525321724272941445v5

3M. ZIDLICKY20:204111:07001:1200
6G. ZANON22:534130:00003:3300
8B. BURNS19:52451:06003:1901
9M. KOIVU16:38351:07001:5000
11O. NOLAN10:45260:00000:4100
12C. KOBASEW10:57280:01000:3401
14M. HAVLAT12:33350:53000:1300
15A. BRUNETTE14:37351:06000:2000
17P. SYKORA12:54130:53000:1200
20A. MIETTINEN16:17341:07001:2701
21K. BRODZIAK14:23270:00002:1200
22C. CLUTTERBUCK10:18240:00002:0400
24D. BOOGAARD6:48030:00000:0000
25E. BELANGER14:14360:53001:2900
32N. BACKSTROM51:598212:00006:0101
34S. HNIDY11:43050:54001:4400
36J. SCOTT11:35140:00000:0500
51J. SHEPPARD10:50040:00001:0000
55N. SCHULTZ18:18350:53002:0901

PeriodTotalsEVPP5v3 PPSH5v3 SH

After a solid first period, the Wild were utterly dominated over the remainder of the game, getting outchanced 16-2. To some extent, the poor performance is excusable. Like the game against Vancouver two weeks prior, in which the Wild were also badly outplayed, this was the second of half of a back to back for Minnesota.

Out of the three games in which the Wild have been badly outchanced, two of them have been the second half of back to back games played on the road.

Scoring Chances for Game Number 20175 : Rangers @ Wild

Scoring Chances for NHL Game Number 20175

NYR117:47 141725323436630363842975v5
NYR113:28 812223255 412233038814v5
MIN113:00 69143255 1823303881974v5
NYR19:27 81220213255512182230875v5
MIN17:32 122122323436422303334365v5
MIN16:46 3612223251622303487975v5
MIN12:20 81120325155412233033815v5
MIN11:59 91120323436412233033815v5
NYR10:07 81121223255412233033815v5
NYR216:59 3611122132517182024305v5
NYR215:34 8915203255512182330815v5
MIN213:48 3612212232412233033815v5
MIN211:34 141725323436518303638425v5
MIN210:41 112432343651622303487975v5
MIN210:40 112432343651622303487975v5
MIN210:08 8915203255512182330815v5
NYR24:54 141721323436517183034875v5
NYR311:59 3614172532412203033425v5
NYR310:01 91520323436412303336425v5
MIN38:42 81417213255623243081975v5
MIN38:35 81417213255623243081975v5
NYR37:50 112432343651517183036385v5
NYR37:48 112432343651517183036385v5

3M. ZIDLICKY19:29221:55001:1300
6G. ZANON22:01220:28001:1510
8B. BURNS19:34652:22000:3801
9M. KOIVU15:13422:06000:2710
11O. NOLAN11:27450:20000:5100
12C. KOBASEW14:41320:02000:3501
14M. HAVLAT13:41441:38000:3410
15A. BRUNETTE13:29322:12000:0000
17P. SYKORA12:12541:43000:0000
20A. MIETTINEN16:24431:41000:1300
21K. BRODZIAK16:16440:00000:5500
22C. CLUTTERBUCK13:35310:00000:2601
24D. BOOGAARD8:32230:09000:0000
25E. BELANGER12:10232:08000:0700
32N. BACKSTROM53:2814124:04002:0411
34S. HNIDY14:24651:41000:0000
36J. SCOTT14:32750:00000:0000
51J. SHEPPARD12:24430:13000:0000
55N. SCHULTZ17:44551:42001:0211

PeriodTotalsEVPP5v3 PPSH5v3 SH

Strong effort by the Wild on home ice against an above average (albeit somewhat injury ridden) team.

To my eye, this was one of Havlat's strongest performances to date. Curiously, my observation isn't really borne out by the numbers, given that he was merely even in terms of EV chances.