Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Scoring Chances for Game Number 20139 : Hurricanes @ Wild

Scoring Chances for NHL Game Number 20139

CAR116:34 81112213255817243041445v5
MIN111:07 61417253234717303677 5v4
CAR110:25 811213255 1213141725304v5
CAR19:28Goal36202732 1213141725304v5
MIN17:32 3891432 7123077 4v3
MIN17:10 89153234 17253044 4v3
MIN17:08Goal89153234 17253044 4v3
CAR16:46 36222532 712133077 4v4
MIN13:26 6814172532714182930775v5
CAR13:00 6915203255817293041445v5
CAR11:44 68111221321213304144595v5
CAR11:42 68111221321213304144595v5
CAR213:48 811122132341725303677 5v4
MIN213:34 811122132341718253036775v5
MIN211:57 11122132343648172425305v5
CAR210:25 36141725321213253041595v5
CAR26:32 14172532343648172425305v5
CAR24:39 621223236 78253059 4v4
MIN23:59 389152032416303641 5v4
CAR21:35 111221323436412142425305v5
MIN20:43 89141520551214303641445v5
MIN318:51 9111532345548253059 5v4
CAR312:43 814172532551213304144595v5
MIN38:08 811122132551429303641445v5
MIN36:03 81112213255414252930365v5
MIN33:56 3611122132412132530595v5
CAR33:01 14172532343678172430775v5
MIN31:30 38914153278173077 5v4
MIN30:53 389141532412304159 5v4
CAR30:46 389141532412304159 5v4
MIN30:01 14172532345548173041 5v4
MIN44:32 36142232 47122530 4v4
MIN43:07 3692232 714303677 4v4
MIN43:05Goal3692232 714303677 4v4

3M. ZIDLICKY15:54438:50412:1801
6G. ZANON21:03570:52102:1801
8B. BURNS14:32647:44622:1501
9M. KOIVU14:34327:34712:0500
11O. NOLAN11:57641:28111:3801
12C. KOBASEW12:23640:21010:3900
14M. HAVLAT12:43346:42510:0000
15A. BRUNETTE12:08126:57610:0000
17P. SYKORA9:37143:17200:0000
19A. HILBERT3:08000:00000:0000
20A. MIETTINEN12:03123:32101:3701
21K. BRODZIAK14:07650:34011:2101
22C. CLUTTERBUCK10:54320:27000:3200
25E. BELANGER12:11154:11200:2900
27N. SMITH5:05000:00000:4501
32N. BACKSTROM45:06101211:58924:3302
34S. HNIDY12:31232:56510:0000
36J. SCOTT11:27140:25000:0000
55N. SCHULTZ15:25433:09202:1501

PeriodTotalsEVPP5v3 PPSH5v3 SH

As with several other Wild games played thus far, the Wild were outplayed at even strengh (albeit narrowly) yet were able to outchance the opposition by having the better special teams by a large margin. Having more powerplay opportunities than the other team helps in this regard.

Scoring Chances for Game Number 20128 : Wild @ Blues

Scoring Chances for NHL Game Number 20128

STL119:06 59142032341826283350575v5
STL113:14 321273255 67215057744v5
STL112:58 5691132 910222842504v5
STL112:48 5692132 910222842504v5
MIN112:22 3892132341022424346505v5
MIN111:31 314253234671518264346505v5
MIN19:37 321273234361028424450745v5
STL14:06 5691415321021434650745v5
STL10:02 825325155 67215057744v5
MIN219:37 3612253267610424450745v5
MIN219:35 3612253267610424450745v5
MIN219:26 89141532551826434650575v5
MIN218:49 3611203251921222833505v5
MIN218:38 3611203251921222833505v5
MIN216:37 3891415324243445074 5v4
MIN215:17 3891415321828434450 5v4
MIN214:57 3891415321843465057 5v4
STL214:39Goal89141532551843465057 5v4
MIN213:45 1125323455671828465074 5v4
STL211:45 3693251 67215057744v5
STL210:11 3625273267910152228505v5
STL29:43 914153234361826434650575v5
STL22:52 812325155 910222842504v5
MIN21:21 312253234671042434650745v5

3M. ZIDLICKY18:36912:05305:2402
5K. JOHNSSON4:57030:00001:2002
6G. ZANON18:03420:07006:1403
8B. BURNS16:06201:35313:1602
9M. KOIVU14:58241:26314:1403
11O. NOLAN11:24202:00101:0301
12C. KOBASEW15:14400:00000:4501
14M. HAVLAT15:00241:26310:0000
15A. BRUNETTE14:51121:26310:0000
20A. MIETTINEN11:51220:00002:4600
21K. BRODZIAK6:44200:00004:1202
25E. BELANGER12:44511:58101:3501
27N. SMITH6:28110:00001:3901
32N. BACKSTROM45:341053:264110:0006
34S. HNIDY12:40530:56100:0000
36J. SCOTT8:24110:00000:0000
51J. SHEPPARD13:04200:02003:4603
55N. SCHULTZ16:09102:09113:4603
67B. POULIOT14:55512:00100:0000

PeriodTotalsEVPP5v3 PPSH5v3 SH

This was an interesting game in that there were no scoring chances in the third period. The only event that I considered labeling as such was a shot by Brad Boyes near the end of the period. While the shot was not taken from a dangerous area of the offensive zone, Boyes managed to use the defenceman Shultz as a screen by shooting the puck between Shultz' legs, thus requiring Backstrom to make a somewhat difficult save. After considering all of the relevant factors, I concluded that the shot was not sufficiently dangerous to warrant counting it as a scoring chance.

The Blues were clearly in shutdown mode and played excellent defensive hockey for the entire period. Particularly impressive was the Blues checking line of Perron-McClement-Crombeen, which Murray had matched up against the Wild's top line of Havlat-Koivu-Brunette. The latter trio was the only Wild forward grouping that was outplayed at EV.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Scoring Chances for Game Number 20092 : Wild @ Oilers

Unfortunately, this was a pay-per-view game for anyone living in the Prairie Provinces. As I failed to order the game, I was not able to watch it and record scoring chances.

Fortunately, Dennis King, who posts at mc79hockey.com and has been recording scoring chances for all Oiler games this season, did manage to score the game.

Scoring Chances for Game Number 20104 : Wild @ Canucks

Scoring Chances for NHL Game Number 20104

VAN119:03 681119325113172140555v5
MIN115:47 8212532556715102429375v5
MIN113:01 581125326718172123 5v4
MIN19:11 361119325113102437555v5
VAN18:14 362125326713212633555v5
VAN14:48 8111932515515172129405v5
VAN13:34 36915203218142326335v5
VAN13:17 591520323418141823335v5
MIN13:01 5212532346718141829425v5
VAN219:27 361119325113172140555v5
VAN219:02 361119325113172140555v5
MIN216:38 362426273213172140555v5
VAN214:20 5111932345118182342495v5
VAN212:23 39325155 13212326334v5
VAN212:16 5692732 15172129404v5
VAN29:38 6263234516715184249555v5
VAN29:06 825325155 15172940424v5
MIN25:36 56915203215102429375v5
VAN24:32 8111932515518172123405v5
VAN23:33 56915203218142326335v5
VAN318:12 3111932345115182942495v5
VAN316:13 39203234 13141826334v5
VAN316:11Goal39203234 13141826334v5
MIN314:57 511253255671351433 5v4
VAN313:21 6819213251118234249555v5
VAN38:58 56252732 15172340424v5
MIN35:59 391115325518172123405v5
MIN33:46 56915203218141823 5v4
VAN33:38 56915203218141718235v5
VAN32:35 811192132551382633495v5
MIN31:33 89152032551381033 5v4

3M. ZIDLICKY16:12363:33001:4503
5K. JOHNSSON13:25245:21306:0602
6G. ZANON14:203100:29105:4302
8B. BURNS15:07254:16202:0901
9M. KOIVU13:44344:24203:5204
11O. NOLAN14:35282:09200:1300
15A. BRUNETTE12:34344:30200:2300
19A. HILBERT13:13190:23000:2100
20A. MIETTINEN11:05254:16202:5402
21K. BRODZIAK12:23230:00002:5800
24D. BOOGAARD4:14110:09000:0000
25E. BELANGER9:16213:17203:5002
26J. SIFERS4:40110:09000:0000
27N. SMITH5:28110:09002:1402
32N. BACKSTROM41:297167:244010:0006
34S. HNIDY10:49140:09001:1902
51J. SHEPPARD13:38191:55003:1502
55N. SCHULTZ14:42332:10202:5802
67B. POULIOT11:12223:11200:0000

PeriodTotalsEVPP5v3 PPSH5v3 SH

In terms of chances for and against, this was Minnesota's worst game to date. Upon considering the circumstances, however, the poor performance is somewhat understandable.

After all, the team was:

1. Playing the second half of a back-to-back on the road.

2. Playing against a team that has, thus far, been quite good at outchancing/outshooting the opposition.

3. Missing several key regulars from the lineup.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Scoring Chances for Game Number 20115 : Avalanche @ Wild

Scoring Chances for NHL Game Number 20115

COL118:59 31225323467916222740415v5
MIN117:23 3891415322226273741 5v4
MIN117:20 3891415322226273741 5v4
MIN116:16Goal389141532541525455 5v4
MIN110:29 81125325567537394152 5v4
MIN110:17 81125325567537394152 5v4
MIN110:05 81125325567537394152 5v4
MIN17:36 3891415322227373941 5v4
MIN13:26 89141532552227373941 5v4
MIN12:59 89141532552241525455 5v4
MIN219:48 5691415321023264152545v5
COL217:48 3112032345158394144555v5
COL215:54 3914153234916222740415v5
COL212:38 914153234551522262739415v5
COL29:32 31221273234916222740415v5
MIN28:49 5614203251916274041445v5
MIN27:43 3914153234810223741555v5
COL26:30 38111425322227374154 5v4
MIN25:30 59141532551026394152 5v4
COL24:31 5620212732916222327415v5
COL21:54 81225325567822232741555v5
COL20:17 320213255 1016222640414v5
COL318:44 56141527321023264152545v5
COL318:30 56141527321023264152545v5
COL317:43 31120323451822273739415v5
MIN313:49 389141532526394152 5v4
MIN313:14 3891415322227373941 5v4
MIN311:50 6891415322227394041545v5
MIN311:42 69141532342227394041545v5
COL310:48 5112021325589222641525v5
MIN35:27 389152032526394152 5v4
MIN34:51Goal389152032526394152 5v4
MIN31:17 5111225325558102641545v5

3M. ZIDLICKY12:20167:40812:0501
5K. JOHNSSON22:12344:20102:1700
6G. ZANON17:33430:11001:0600
8B. BURNS16:51128:031310:4900
9M. KOIVU15:09437:281101:0200
11O. NOLAN11:27135:25310:3800
12C. KOBASEW14:24150:00000:0000
14M. HAVLAT15:41546:41910:2700
15A. BRUNETTE12:12457:101100:0000
20A. MIETTINEN15:38141:29202:0801
21K. BRODZIAK8:25030:11001:3701
24D. BOOGAARD3:21000:00000:0000
25E. BELANGER12:31134:53310:3800
27N. SMITH7:33040:11001:1300
32N. BACKSTROM48:1961312:341414:0001
34S. HNIDY8:24270:11000:0000
51J. SHEPPARD12:55121:04000:1200
55N. SCHULTZ19:38144:43601:4301
67B. POULIOT11:03033:10300:0500

PeriodTotalsEVPP5v3 PPSH5v3 SH

I know that I've yet to score either the Edmonton or Vancouver game, but I wanted to throw up the Colorado game first so as to allow for a comparison between my recording of the chances and that of Scott Reynolds over at Gospel of Hockey, who is recording scoring chances for the Avalanche this season.

Scott has provided an excellent review of the game over at his blog that summarizes the game fairly comprehensively. Put briefly, the Avalanche were the better team at even strength, yet ended up trailing in chances on account of taking too many penalties and doing a terrible job of killing them.

Interestingly, while Scott and I each scored 20 chances for the Wild and 15 for the Avalanche, there was some disagreement in terms of the scoring of individual chances. Out of the 42 chances that occurred in the game (that is, the number of chances recorded by either Scott or I), 28 were agreed upon, with each of us scoring 7 chances that were not regarded as scoring chances by the other recorder.

Fortunately, Vic has designed an application that measures inter-rater agreement in terms of scoring chance recording, which thus allows for a quantitative determination to be made of our recording similarity. Using the data from this game, the inter-rater agreement between Scott and I, expressed as a Cohen's Kappa value, was 0.70, which is reasonably high.