Thursday, April 28, 2011

2nd Round 1011 Playoff Probabilities and Predictions

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The Canucks get a slightly easier draw here as compared to round one. The skill difference between these teams is smaller than what the regular season results would imply, but Vancouver is clearly better and should advance.

Van in 5.


Pick em'. The odds in the table above suggest that the Sharks have the edge, but I reckon that these two teams are pretty even to one another. I'll take San Jose because of home ice.

S.J in 7.


These two teams are pretty close, with the numbers suggesting that Washington is slightly better. Combine that with the fact that my instinct says that the Caps are a better team than the numbers show (based on roster composition and past performance), and I'm left with no choice but to take them.

WSH in 6.


Like S.J-DET, I suspect this is pretty close to a coinflip. I'll concede that Philly appears to have the better team on paper, but the numbers favor Boston. I'll take the Bruins in seven games.

BOS in 7

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