Friday, February 11, 2011

EV Data for Games 1-820

[If you're having difficulty viewing the document, click here to view the spreadsheet directly at googledocs.]


The document contains three worksheets. The first sheet shows even strength data for all situations. The second shows even strength data for when the score was close (i.e. whenever the score margin was 1 or 0 in the first two periods, or tied in the third period or overtime). The last sheet contains data for when the score was tied.

Empty net goals have been removed from the data.

I didn't make an adjustment for schedule difficulty this go around because - and this is embarassing - when I recently performed a system restore, I forgot to transfer that particular file to my external hard drive. Having said that:

1. There seems to be more interest in the raw numbers.

2. The schedule adjustment would be negligible for most teams at this point in the season.

Missing Games List

Game 124 - WSH@CAR
Game 429 - ATL@NYI


GF: goals for
GA: goals against
SF: shots for, where shots = goals + saved shots
SA: shots against
SHOT%: shots for/(shots for + shots against)
SH%: shooting percentage
SV%: save percentage
PDO: shooting percentage + save percentage
FF: fenwick for, where fenwick = shots + missed shots
FA: fenwick against
F%: fenwick for/ (fenwick for + fenwick against)
CF: corsi for, where corsi = shots + missed shots + blocked shots
CA: corsi against
C%: corsi for/ (corsi for + corsi against)


robert cleave said...

Thanks for doing this, JL. It's greatly appreciated.

Passive Voice said...

New Jersey, Jesus. They've been like .58 on Fenwick since you last counted.

JLikens said...


No problem.

@Passive Voice

Glad I wasn't the only one to notice. But yeah, they've really been tearing it up in terms of Fenwick with the score tied.

Game 0698 PIT N.J 1 1
Game 0712 N.J PHI 4 1
Game 0723 FLA N.J 3 5
Game 0745 N.J DET 23 26
Game 0752 OTT N.J 22 38
Game 0772 N.J NYR 1 0
Game 0776 FLA N.J 12 17
Game 0794 N.J MTL 1 1
Game 0802 CAR N.J 27 32
Game 0816 N.J TOR 41 24

That's 163 for and 117 against over their last 10 games. I know it's a small sample, but still.

James said...

Just eyeballing the numbers, but Detroit's overall Corsi and Corsi tied are virtually identical. Vancouver, on the other hand, has a noticeable difference between those 2 numbers.

I wonder if Vancouver is more apt to send out guys like Malhotra to defend the lead more, while Detroit uses guys like Datsyuk and Zetterberg. Either way, it would appear that there could be individual team differences in the way teams play with a lead.

JLikens said...


Whether or not there are team differences in terms of the strategy employed while leading or trailing is a topic that I plan on looking at in more detail in the future.

I've done some preliminary analysis which suggests that there is a relationship between the degree to which a team under or overextends itself while leading or trailing and how it fares with the percentages in that same situation. said...

I have to admit that you did a great job with the worksheet you even added abbreviations.