Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Scoring Chances for Game Number 20018 : Wild @ Blue Jackets

Scoring Chances for NHL Game Number 20018

CBJ119:22 689141532118252651975v5
CBJ116:15 6811173296128505193975v5
MIN114:14 3914153234118252651975v5
MIN114:10 3914153234118252651975v5
MIN113:12 3914153234118252651975v5
MIN112:25 68111732961382850935v5
CBJ112:17 689111732110283650935v5
CBJ18:55 51415325596116205161975v5
MIN18:08 3914153234118252651975v5
MIN18:05 3914153234118252651975v5
MIN16:18 32021253234110141736405v5
CBJ14:30 521253255 116182051614v5
CBJ13:36 68212232 116205051614v5
CBJ11:50 314153234961381416255v5
MIN10:36 6820253251110171826365v5
MIN215:36 389141532118265197 5v4
MIN215:17 389141532118265197 5v4
MIN211:11 31117323496114174051975v5
CBJ29:31Goal3891114321381718 5v4
CBJ29:10 51117325596150516197 5v4
CBJ23:52 36212232 116182051614v5
CBJ22:52 520325155 110172528514v5
CBJ319:25 5914153255116182551975v5
CBJ317:37 32022323451110141736405v5
MIN315:17Goal389141532150516197 5v4
CBJ314:24 689203251110182526365v5
MIN38:34 82022323451110162036615v5
CBJ35:10 31120323451110143650935v5
MIN31:07 38914153218506197 5v4

3M. ZIDLICKY13:33734:30411:2001
5K. JOHNSSON17:00031:52012:4702
6G. ZANON17:28240:00003:0302
8B. BURNS19:15345:05410:5101
9M. KOIVU13:06544:47411:3400
11O. NOLAN12:35231:29020:0000
14M. HAVLAT14:20544:47410:0100
15A. BRUNETTE13:52544:42400:0000
17P. SYKORA11:39221:24010:0000
20A. MIETTINEN13:23340:11002:2301
21K. BRODZIAK12:30110:00002:1503
22C. CLUTTERBUCK11:56111:11002:1002
25E. BELANGER10:57200:00001:5601
32N. BACKSTROM47:3610105:22426:0004
34S. HNIDY12:32830:00000:3900
36J. SCOTT6:05000:00000:0000
51J. SHEPPARD13:08240:11001:4101
55N. SCHULTZ15:33031:17013:2002
96P. BOUCHARD9:20231:24010:0000

PeriodTotalsEVPP5v3 PPSH5v3 SH

As some may be aware, I've agreed to record scoring chances for the Minnesota Wild during the 2009-10 NHL season. My efforts are part of a broader project that will see Scott Reynolds record the scoring chances for the Colorado Avalanche, with Dennis King doing the same for the Edmonton Oilers.

I should also that occasional poster Olivier appears to have posted the scoring chance numbers for several of the Canadiens' preseason games. I'm not sure if he plans to continue to do so over the course of the regular season, but it would be great if he did.

Anyway, displayed above are the scoring chances for the Wild's first game, which saw them face off against the Blue Jackets. Thanks to an application created by Vic Ferrari, I was able to post the data without much difficulty at all. There isn't anything notable that can be said about the game, other than the fact that it was a cautious, methodical affair which featured tentative play from both squads.


Olivier said...

Just got a hold of Vic's updated scoring chances app thingy; I'll have the habs first 3 games up on En Attendant les Nordiques tomorrow. I'm still rusty tough, I think I over-scored the first two, but think I got a good feel of the CGY-MTL Contest. Eager to compare my scores to those of Dennis for Saturdays'a contest.

Nystrom eviscerating the habs fourth line was a sight to behold...

JLikens said...

Good to hear.

As a fan of the game generally, I'm eager to see the results.

As a Habs fan, however, I'm somewhat apprehensive.

Olivier said...

I've posted them; it's not that bad, really. That or I'm not that good at that kind of stuff...

Vic Ferrari said...

Cool that you guys are doing this, we should be able to figure out much, I think.

Starting at 20 games in (or so, and time permitting) I'll write a script to compile the data for EDM, MTL, COL and MIN in csv format. That should make it easy for any of us to take a kick at this stuff. And from there we'll go where it leads us, I suppose.

Olivier said...

That is awesome news, Vic! Thanks for all the work you put in this!

JLikens said...


Great, that sound awesome.


You're right, those numbers aren't too bad. I guess I was expecting them to be worse based on the fact that they were outshot so soundly in the first two games.

In terms of the Buffalo Game, I was surprised to see that the shots were 34-15 going into overtime. I thought that the play had been much closer than that. So I guess it makes sense that the scoring chance gap would be smaller (and, in fact, it appears that Montreal had the slight edge).

Olivier said...

The buffalo gme is a weird one shot-wise. wouldn't be surprised if they missed a few on the habs tally. Just as they credited Gill with on freaking giveaway. It's annoying, really, how some of these numbers seems pulled out of thin air.

Enough intertubing; it's gametime!

Kent W. said...

How does one get their hands on this app? I'll be doing Flames chances this year.

Olivier said...

Kent: This post at Gospel of hockey lays it out, but there are two apps;

this one does the heavy lifting for scoring chances in a standardized way.

This one gives an option for scoring chances comparisons amongst scorers; I look forward to compare my and you scoring of the habs-flames game; sadly, I've ditched the video, so it will be somewhat difficult to compare where we differed.

Thanks, regards, prayers and monies should, of course, be directed to Vic Ferrari!

Kent W. said...

Thanks, much appreciated.