Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Scoring Chances for Game Number 20139 : Hurricanes @ Wild

Scoring Chances for NHL Game Number 20139

CAR116:34 81112213255817243041445v5
MIN111:07 61417253234717303677 5v4
CAR110:25 811213255 1213141725304v5
CAR19:28Goal36202732 1213141725304v5
MIN17:32 3891432 7123077 4v3
MIN17:10 89153234 17253044 4v3
MIN17:08Goal89153234 17253044 4v3
CAR16:46 36222532 712133077 4v4
MIN13:26 6814172532714182930775v5
CAR13:00 6915203255817293041445v5
CAR11:44 68111221321213304144595v5
CAR11:42 68111221321213304144595v5
CAR213:48 811122132341725303677 5v4
MIN213:34 811122132341718253036775v5
MIN211:57 11122132343648172425305v5
CAR210:25 36141725321213253041595v5
CAR26:32 14172532343648172425305v5
CAR24:39 621223236 78253059 4v4
MIN23:59 389152032416303641 5v4
CAR21:35 111221323436412142425305v5
MIN20:43 89141520551214303641445v5
MIN318:51 9111532345548253059 5v4
CAR312:43 814172532551213304144595v5
MIN38:08 811122132551429303641445v5
MIN36:03 81112213255414252930365v5
MIN33:56 3611122132412132530595v5
CAR33:01 14172532343678172430775v5
MIN31:30 38914153278173077 5v4
MIN30:53 389141532412304159 5v4
CAR30:46 389141532412304159 5v4
MIN30:01 14172532345548173041 5v4
MIN44:32 36142232 47122530 4v4
MIN43:07 3692232 714303677 4v4
MIN43:05Goal3692232 714303677 4v4

3M. ZIDLICKY15:54438:50412:1801
6G. ZANON21:03570:52102:1801
8B. BURNS14:32647:44622:1501
9M. KOIVU14:34327:34712:0500
11O. NOLAN11:57641:28111:3801
12C. KOBASEW12:23640:21010:3900
14M. HAVLAT12:43346:42510:0000
15A. BRUNETTE12:08126:57610:0000
17P. SYKORA9:37143:17200:0000
19A. HILBERT3:08000:00000:0000
20A. MIETTINEN12:03123:32101:3701
21K. BRODZIAK14:07650:34011:2101
22C. CLUTTERBUCK10:54320:27000:3200
25E. BELANGER12:11154:11200:2900
27N. SMITH5:05000:00000:4501
32N. BACKSTROM45:06101211:58924:3302
34S. HNIDY12:31232:56510:0000
36J. SCOTT11:27140:25000:0000
55N. SCHULTZ15:25433:09202:1501

PeriodTotalsEVPP5v3 PPSH5v3 SH

As with several other Wild games played thus far, the Wild were outplayed at even strengh (albeit narrowly) yet were able to outchance the opposition by having the better special teams by a large margin. Having more powerplay opportunities than the other team helps in this regard.


Scott Reynolds said...


I was wondering if I could do some summing of the Wild scoring chances or if that's something you'd prefer to do yourself. Thanks for all of your work so far!

JLikens said...

While I was considering doing something similar, that would be awesome if you managed to put together a cumulative total.

Scott Reynolds said...

I'm already going to be doing it for Dennis and Kent (as well as myself) and putting them all into ten-game chunks as well as periodically giving cumulative totals. That way we'll have all of it in the same format. I'll of course send all of you the spreadsheets for the purposes of analysis.

Scott Reynolds said...

I put together the data for the first ten games and it's up and ready to go.