Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Scoring Chances for Game Number 20128 : Wild @ Blues

Scoring Chances for NHL Game Number 20128

STL119:06 59142032341826283350575v5
STL113:14 321273255 67215057744v5
STL112:58 5691132 910222842504v5
STL112:48 5692132 910222842504v5
MIN112:22 3892132341022424346505v5
MIN111:31 314253234671518264346505v5
MIN19:37 321273234361028424450745v5
STL14:06 5691415321021434650745v5
STL10:02 825325155 67215057744v5
MIN219:37 3612253267610424450745v5
MIN219:35 3612253267610424450745v5
MIN219:26 89141532551826434650575v5
MIN218:49 3611203251921222833505v5
MIN218:38 3611203251921222833505v5
MIN216:37 3891415324243445074 5v4
MIN215:17 3891415321828434450 5v4
MIN214:57 3891415321843465057 5v4
STL214:39Goal89141532551843465057 5v4
MIN213:45 1125323455671828465074 5v4
STL211:45 3693251 67215057744v5
STL210:11 3625273267910152228505v5
STL29:43 914153234361826434650575v5
STL22:52 812325155 910222842504v5
MIN21:21 312253234671042434650745v5

3M. ZIDLICKY18:36912:05305:2402
5K. JOHNSSON4:57030:00001:2002
6G. ZANON18:03420:07006:1403
8B. BURNS16:06201:35313:1602
9M. KOIVU14:58241:26314:1403
11O. NOLAN11:24202:00101:0301
12C. KOBASEW15:14400:00000:4501
14M. HAVLAT15:00241:26310:0000
15A. BRUNETTE14:51121:26310:0000
20A. MIETTINEN11:51220:00002:4600
21K. BRODZIAK6:44200:00004:1202
25E. BELANGER12:44511:58101:3501
27N. SMITH6:28110:00001:3901
32N. BACKSTROM45:341053:264110:0006
34S. HNIDY12:40530:56100:0000
36J. SCOTT8:24110:00000:0000
51J. SHEPPARD13:04200:02003:4603
55N. SCHULTZ16:09102:09113:4603
67B. POULIOT14:55512:00100:0000

PeriodTotalsEVPP5v3 PPSH5v3 SH

This was an interesting game in that there were no scoring chances in the third period. The only event that I considered labeling as such was a shot by Brad Boyes near the end of the period. While the shot was not taken from a dangerous area of the offensive zone, Boyes managed to use the defenceman Shultz as a screen by shooting the puck between Shultz' legs, thus requiring Backstrom to make a somewhat difficult save. After considering all of the relevant factors, I concluded that the shot was not sufficiently dangerous to warrant counting it as a scoring chance.

The Blues were clearly in shutdown mode and played excellent defensive hockey for the entire period. Particularly impressive was the Blues checking line of Perron-McClement-Crombeen, which Murray had matched up against the Wild's top line of Havlat-Koivu-Brunette. The latter trio was the only Wild forward grouping that was outplayed at EV.

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