Monday, October 19, 2009

Scoring Chances for Game Number 20079 : Wild @ Ducks

Scoring Chances for NHL Game Number 20079

MIN116:46 6891521321781126275v5
MIN115:38 511203234511781320275v5
ANA111:55 68914153219101527605v5
ANA111:54 68914153219101527605v5
ANA19:50 6892132 18101115274v5
ANA19:24 511253255 18101115274v5
ANA12:38 5691415321781126275v5
MIN217:16 521253234 45142224 4v4
MIN215:32 51120323451711131619 5v4
ANA214:10 681927323679101527 5v4
MIN213:13 5192732343645131620 5v4
MIN212:43 591115323478112627 5v4
ANA29:57 520212732554591015 5v4
ANA29:53 520212732554591015 5v4
ANA26:13 519323451 811192660 4v4
ANA25:54 391115325578112627 5v4
ANA24:50Goal68142132 1316192060 4v4
MIN23:25Goal25323436515559101519 5v4
MIN21:11 51120325155910151927 5v4
MIN20:58 6819203251910151927 5v4
ANA318:58 68142032511791015275v5
ANA318:31 521253234 114192224604v5
MIN317:32 6891932361451316205v5
ANA315:46 35202132 1891015274v5
ANA315:25 89113255 18111415274v5
ANA315:08 89113255 18111415274v5
ANA314:47 89113255 18111415274v5
ANA314:33 68911325518111415275v5
MIN310:52 35111921321451422245v5
ANA39:42 35202532 114151960 4v4
ANA35:46 520213255 18101115274v5
ANA35:37 520213255 18101115274v5
MIN34:37 6811152732114192224605v5
MIN30:10 815202125551781015195v5

3M. ZIDLICKY8:10115:24014:3701
5K. JOHNSSON9:57347:07425:1905
6G. ZANON10:36374:32113:3401
8B. BURNS11:40567:03114:5104
9M. KOIVU8:01256:05114:0004
11O. NOLAN8:21325:41313:0504
14M. HAVLAT6:49064:05000:0700
15A. BRUNETTE7:30446:05111:4200
19A. HILBERT5:01214:17210:1000
20A. MIETTINEN5:50327:00323:5903
21K. BRODZIAK8:35512:35026:2905
24D. BOOGAARD0:26000:00000:0000
25E. BELANGER8:18311:15104:5402
27N. SMITH5:53115:08131:3700
32N. BACKSTROM27:2261016:286411:4009
34S. HNIDY6:45223:59401:3201
36J. SCOTT2:36102:37210:0000
51J. SHEPPARD6:30134:06401:1500
55N. SCHULTZ8:48214:51235:4906

PeriodTotalsEVPP5v3 PPSH5v3 SH

Both the shot totals and the final score imply a much closer contest than what was actually the case. The Ducks were simply the better team on this occasion.


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